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Authenticity Guide

You are what you have…..When it comes to buying a watch; our mind is always at a play. Call it for brand or for an engineering marvel, a watch plays a decisive role in our everyday life. But have you ever wondered that even a high-end brand watch which you picked up in a recent sale can end up being a fake one? Buying a watch is a skill and an experience by itself. Whatever brand you pick, whether it is Rolex or Omega or even Titan; whether it is a digital or analog watch; do not get cheated as there are many ways of it going wrong.

If you are a discerning customer and a serious collector of genuine watches, follow few tested course of action before going ahead with a transaction

Do not buy a watch because a famous person is fronting it

Do not shop with half-baked no-exploration knowledge

Always shop with an inquisitiveness and a keenness for depth and detail

What to watch before buying a watch?

  • Look for serial number of the model
  • Look for the manufacturer of the movements
  • Look for the year of the model
  • Fake watches have sandy engravings
  • Currency exchange rates keep fluctuating. So, get into a good bargaining chip by knowing when exactly the model was imported, as this has greater effect on the price
  • Check sub-dials, chronograph, time settings etc
  • Look for the weight of the watch
  • Above all, check for signs of authenticity and signatures of the brand. All authentic watch will carry a certificate of authenticity even if it is a limited edition.

What is real and fake?

Do not afford to read a wrong time. For any exclusive genuine product, you need to pay good money. Beyond any emotions and memories, you watch should have a financial value that increases over a period of time. So buyers! beware of fake watches. Many watches are so real that only when you open the watch, you will understand that it is counterfeit/fake. So either be a subject expert or go to an authorized showroom as they will have experts who can physically examine the watch you picked up.

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